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S2 ExamplesEdit

The following table shows examples of typical S2 functions for different systems in focus. 

S2 Examples
System in Focus

S2 Function


Road Network

Intersection 4way overview-1-

Traffic Lights


By giving priority to one road at a time, traffic lights reduce the variety of the possible traffic directions occupying an intersection. When absent, each driver has to increase its own variety, by observing the traffic from the crossing direction. Traffic lights provide a harmonization service to the road network.  

Drivers increasing their variety in India crossing

Drivers increasing their variety in India crossing

Road Network

Intersection 4way overview-1-

Driving Regulations

IStock 000005421100XSmall-1-
Driving regulations massively reduce the variety of potential driving behaviour. For example, in crossoroads the rule is that the vehicle coming from the right has priority. These reules are shared by all drivers and provide harmonization in the road network. 

Customer Service

(e.g. Bank, Public Service)


Queuing System

Express queuing system-1-

In certain days employees such as tellers at a bank, may face increased number of customers to serve (increased environmental variety). This may cause frustration among the customes which may influence the operation of the tellers. By introducin a queueing system customers know their turn and the customer load (variety) is distributed to the tellers depending on their availability.